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St John’s Wort tincture

Organic and wild picked St Johns Wort flower tincture that gives relaxation and brings light in the darkness.
From the island of Vis, Croatia.

Now in new packaging!

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This beautiful red colored tincture is great for the colder months of the year when the sun is low and the days are getting longer. The lack of sunlight can make you feel down and st johns wort helps to give light in the darkness.
St Johns Wort is known for many centuries for its anti depression quality, helps to give relaxation to tense muscles, backpain, nerve system and is known to help relieve pain from rheumatism and arthritis.

St John’s Wort tincture (hypericum italicum) is an alcoholic infusion (38%) of the fresh wild flowers, picked on our land on the wild side of Vis island, Croatia.
All herbs and flowers are picked organic and biodynamic.
Stored and dried in our yurt or leem green house.

More tinctures are available:

Ashwangandha (anxiety, hormonal balance, libido)
Tulsi (hormonal balance)
Rosemary (uplifting, clears brain fog, clears the mind)
Olive (immunity, high blood pressure, full of anti oxidants)
Sage (anti fungal, anti bacterial, coughing)
Calendula (trauma, helps internal wounds, calming)
Oregano (immunity, anti viral, anti bacterial)
Fennel ( belly pain, coughing, stomach)

you can also send an email if you can’t find your tincture on the website. We make small batches at the time to insure high quality products.


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