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Living in the rythm of nature

Welcome to the beautiful world of Fleur and the Wild Herbs. A place in Nature where we can fully nourish ourselves. Having a vision to be fully connected, Fleur and the Wild Herbs creates honest natural products for everyone. All organically grown and ethically wildpicked on their land in the wilderness of beautiful sunny Dalmatia, the flowers, herbs and berries are carefully turned into pure (skin) products which enlightens our bodies. 

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About Fleur and the Wild Herbs

Living in nature with our 3 kids started as an adventure with a burning desire to create a better world. For our kids and ourselves. Healing takes time and Nature provides all the ingredients to start doing your innerwork. The impact it had on our lives was enormous. A big positive push to the right direction began to flow. Releasing what holds your growth back to become the best version of yourself. To let the soul thrive, to heal the body and release all what doesn’t serve you.

We started straight with making sustainable choices, always with the impact on nature in the back of our mind. We build our own natural home, make our own medicine, (wild)pick part of our food, pick and airdry our own tea in the yurt, make fermentations and distillations, knit and sew our clothes, dye cotton with natural dyes, learn about the local folk herbalism, provide a beautiful surrounding for conversations with people from different backgrounds and ages about gardening, natural remedies, childcare, music and natural building. Therefore Fleur and the Wild Herbs wants to create only natural chemical free products that nourishes the people and our natural world. We are part of Nature. So lets take well care of each other.

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