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Pure Essential Oils

Pure essential oils from Croatia. High quality oils for multi usable purposes. We offer Lavender, Mint, Rosemary, Sage, Lemon, Orange, Manderine.


“All essential oils from Sapunoteka are pure and know for their high quality.”

Essential oils are to be used infused into a carrier oil, to add to a diffuser, to burn in oilburner or to apply into your household for many reasons.

Essential oils are multi usable.

We offer mint, sage, rosemary, orange, manderine, lemon, lavender & oregano. These are a few tips about using the oils:


mint :

great against mouses and rats in the house. Mop the floor with a bucket of water and a few drops of mint. Perfect for adding 10 drops to the laundrymachine. Keeps your laundry longer fresh.


energetic cleaner. Add 10 drops to an oilburner to clean your room from bad energy.  Use as first aid to cuts and insectbites, like waspstings. Add to apple vinegar and water to make natural hairconditioner.  Helps to kill molt and fungus.


spititual protecter: add a drop on top of your head to protect yourself from bad energy. Add 5 drops to apple vinegar and water to make a natural hairconditioner that detangles hair and clean dandroof.

orange :

happy booster, especially during the winter months. Add to the oildiffuser. Add to your favorite bodyoil to prolong the uplifting effects.


great to induse sleep. Add a drop on the palms and the feet to make you fall asleep faster.


Decreaser. Add 1 drop to a 500 ml luckwarm water to start your day. Also great to clean the kitchen by adding a few drops to a bucket of water. Smells amzing and uplifting.


add a drop to a cut/ wound/bite/sting to act as an first aid. Induces sleep and makes you relaxed.



Note: all oils should be used with great caution. Read about it before you apply an essential oil directly to your skin. All the above oils, except mint and oregano, can be used on the skin in a extreme limited amount (read: 1 drop is enough). We are not responsible for any medical issues coming after using the oil without informing a doctor. Never have essential oils coming into the mouth or eyes. Immediatly rinse with water and call a doctor. Not to scare you completly: we also have enough experience to know that you can use these essential oils without harming yourself. Just be mindfull in what you do. Keep away from children.


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mint, rosemary, sage, orange, lemon, lavender, manderine

1 review for Pure Essential Oils

  1. Ria

    The lavender oil smells so much finer and nicer than the one you get in the supermarket! Absolutely love it, and use it on my pillow or as a perfume ;))

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