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Wild Lavender Deodorant Spray with Geranium and Lemon

Natural Deodorant Spray for daily use. Only natural ingredients that helps eliminate growth of bacteria the causes bad smells and heavy sweating. No aluminium, preservatives or chemicals added.


Our lovely deodorants are eliminating growth of bad bacterias that causes uncomfortable bad smells. Its made with only natural ingredients which focuses on providing you a dry feeling without heavy sweating. Its healing for damaged skin after shaving.

All deodorants are without chemicals, preservatives or aluminium. A carefree deodorant with define smell that uplift your body and mind.

You can use it everyday  to enhance the refreshing feeling.

The Wild Lavender Deodorant spray comes in different seasonal versions:

Wild Lavender with Geranium and Lemon

Wild Lavender with Sage and Orange

Wild Lavender



It’s available in a glass 50ml bottle with spray pump.

1 review for Wild Lavender Deodorant Spray with Geranium and Lemon

  1. Kathrin

    Freshest feeling ever…especially for all my summer hikes.

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