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Calendula Balm with Manderine

A soothing calming body balm with only natural organic ingredients.


The Calendula Balm is a smooth moisturizing balm without chemicals or additives.
Its a natural balm made with the flowers of calendula, sheabutter and mandarine.
For the little ones or the big ones, everyone can use this soothing balm.
The smell is calming and the structure of the balm will feel smooth on your dry skin.

Very useful for the face and body: dry skin, damaged skin, cracked fingertips or feet, allergies, skin rashes, scars and as a protection for the cold windy days of the year.
Excellent lipbalm and eye balm.

Made with only natural ingredients:

wild calendula flowers
organic olive oil
organic sheabutter
organic beewax
manderine peel


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