Calendula Baby Oil with Wild Lavender °big bottle°

Soothing healing body oil for babies and children or people with a sensitive skin. Made with 100% natural ingredients to keep the purity of our children. Great for rashes of all kinds, preserve a smooth skin and heal wounds.


For the love of the purity of our babies and children, Fleur and the Wild Herbs, started making this amazing soothing Calendula baby oil for her children.

Its a beautiful light oil made with only 3 ingredients: organic sweet almond oil, homegrown Calendula flowers and Wild Lavender flowers. It turned out to be a magical oil. Used for many different purposes like diaper rash, wounds, cuts, bruises, massage oil after a bath. Every fall the kids made, was soothed by a drop of the Calendula Baby Oil. Calendula flowers are an amazing medicinal flower you can use for all sorts of healing benefits.

Also available in a Calendula Baby Balm, with pine resin, beeswax, coconut oil, Calendula Baby Oil and Wild Lavender.

All ingredients are ethically wildpicked on our land in Vis. The oil comes is an glass bottle that can be re-used.

Small bottle for € 14,50

Family size bottle for € 24,50 (better price)

1 review for Calendula Baby Oil with Wild Lavender °big bottle°

  1. Maria Waidele

    Benutze das Öl seit Jahren für meine beiden Kids, manchmal auch für mich selbst, z.B. für gereizte Haut im Gesicht.. war bisher sehr effektiv und hat mich nie im Stich gelassen. Die kleine Größe ist super zum verreisen, mittlerweile kaufe ich aber meistens die große Flasche!!

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