Wildpicked St John's Wort body oil with Rosemary

Wildpicked St John’s Wort body oil with Rosemary. An excellent massage oil to relax the uptight muscles and nerves. The oil helps with relieving depression, sore and painfull muscles, cramps, reuma, arthritis.


Wild St John’s Wort body oil with Rosemary relaxes the sore muscles after a long day at work, after stress situations, helps with stress relieving after a short night of sleep (hi moms, i’m one of you).

St Johnswort and Rosemary has both a calming effect on the nervous system and muscles. Its works as an anti depressive too. Rosemary is uplifting and gives clarity of mind. Its opens your breathing and very good against colds. For wound healing of scar tissue, burns, sprains, rheumatism its an excellent natural body oil. The natural body oil of flour and the Wild Herbs, is made from wild picked organic St John’s Wort flowers on our land in Vis. We don’t add any preservatives or chemicals to our wild herbal products. All Fleur and the Wild Herbs products come in a zero waste plastic free package.


Small bottle for 14,50

Family size bottle for € 24,50 (better price)


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