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Rosemary Smudge sticks

3x Rosemary Smudge sticks for releasing negative energy and promote sleep.
Helps to kill toxic bacteria in your house.
Brings positivity back.
Helps to remove energies from your house.

The Rosemary Smudge sticks are unique, hand rolled and hugged by the seasonal flowers.

18.50 14.80

Our beautiful Rosemary Smudge bundles are made with ethically wildpicked rosemary and a hint of seasonal flowers.
Smudge is amazing for releasing old negative energy and opens your being for positivity. While the rosemary is smoking, resin is being released which purifies toxic air.
Important is to open windows and walk through your room from left to right. Gentle ask the energy to be released through the window or door.
Rosemary Smudge bundles have been used to promote sleep and help ease insomnia.
Because the smudge sticks helps to release the negativity we can carry with us.

The Rosemary Smudge bundles may differ from size and color. They are handmade and are each unique.



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