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Detox herbal tea

Great herbal tea for helping your liver for detoxing toxins from the body.
You drink 1 liter of this wonderful tea for 7days.


Detoxing, when spring or fall is coming, it’s the perfect time to start your (little) fasting or detox period to loose the heaviness of life and support your liver.

In our Detox tea you find only 3 ingredients in the right balance:

You drink 1 liter a day, for 7days straight and then you stop.
That’s it💚
It will provide your body a gentle detox because it helps the liver to release toxins through the kidney’s (meaning you will pee a bit more then usual 🤭).
In the meantime your body gets iron, calcium, minerals and vitamins that help you with pain in your joints, gut, belly, brainfog and fatigue.

It’s a start to a healthy way of life 💚

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