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Immortelle Face Oil with orange and geranium °big bottle°

WildImmortelle Face Oil with orange and geranium, great help for rejuvenating feeling for the aging skin. An excellent moisturizing faceoil made from only flowers, organic virgin olive oil, orange peel and geranium. Without any additives or chemicals. Fleur and the Wild Herbs offers only pure oils and herbal products.

All immortelle flowers grow on the land of Fleur and the Wild Herbs.

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If you are looking for a nurturing anti aging face oil without any chemicals or preservatives, try the Wild Immortelle Face Oil.

Made with just a few natural ingredients, this face oil will blow your mind. The face oil rejuvenates the skin, heals skin disorders, heals wounds, promotes longevity and youthfulness . Together with the orange and rose geranium, the face oil uplifts you and leaves your skin feeling soft and beautiful.

Wild Immortelle flowers are picked in summertime during a short time of flowering. At the exact time the flowers are collected with good intentions and put into organic virgin olive oil. Every day the oil will be shared to release all the medicinal benefits Wild Immortelle ( helichrysum Italicum)has to offer.

The oil comes in an ambercolour glass bottle that can be re-used.

Fleur and the wild herbs offers all products in noplastic, zerowaste packaging that can be re-used.


3 Bewertungen für Immortelle Face Oil with orange and geranium °big bottle°

  1. Annamaria

    Oh how I love these oils! The Immortelle body oil is just what my body needed. With all the amazing natural healing properties that come from this plant, my skin felt and looked beautiful. Fleur has made a perfect blend. And for me, the most important is that plants come from very good source. The land they come from is natural and healing so these plants are very high quality. It is a pristine product!

  2. Marija

    I love this oil before bed its very calming for my skin! I put it on my face and neck and it feels so refreshing. Its awesome for my mature skin 🙂

  3. Lotte (Verifizierter Besitzer)

    I use this oil since a few months (day & night) and I love it! This one is really feeding my skin. My skin feels so much better than before. Love the fact that it’s a pure natural one. And the smell is so good, it’s reminds me of an oil my mother got, years and years ago. I’m hooked.

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