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Natural Dyed green brown shirt size s/m/l

Beautiful handdyed cotton shirts in size S/M/L.

Ecodyed with plants from the garden. All shirts are handmade and one of a kind.


Beautiful tie-dyed patterns makes these shirts unique.

All shirts are handdyed with natural resources, like roots, peels, flowers and leaves.

For natural eco dyeing only natural material from the garden is being used.

It’s a natural beautiful product, very special in looks and feeling compared to the fastfashion shirts.

These shirts become alive and will look great on you in any occasion.

All shirts are 100%cotton and handmade.

Please consider these shirts are best to wash by hand, dry flat on a towel and should be best dried in the shadow. Sun is a strong bleacher so you want to avoid your wet shirt being dried in the sun to preserve the colours. The shirts are tested for endurance of color and will good for a long long time, unless you followed our washing advice.


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