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4 ideas to impress friends on a party with wildpicked healthy food

Yesterday we had a great foodparty with friends on our land.
Living in the middle of nature, we love to provide our guests with lots of delicious healthy meals and drinks from the wild. We are always looking what’s out there to find to impress our friends by foraging in Nature, to transfer herbs, berries and flowers into guilt-free surprises.
For our friends and mostly for ourselves.

For today we made a healthy mouthwatering WILD PESTO from the leaves of Borage, we served HOMEMADE fermented GINGER BEER, added with filtered RAINWATER with wild ROSEMARY and organic LEMON.
Together with 2 amazing delicious guilty-free CHOCOLATE CAKES, made without any sugar or flower, all our friends were happy to join the party.


1. Wild pesto

At the beginning of the year, we build a clay oven on our land above the beautiful deck, with volunteers from Holland.
We use the clay oven now to celebrate events, like a party or national holidays.
In the self-made oven, we baked yesterday spelt pizzas, with a sauce of tomatoes and wild herbs like rosemary, thyme, sage and oregano, some grated goat cheese and stir-fried organic veggies.
But it takes lots of wood, which we gather from the forest, so we maximize the use on those days with making pastries, bread and cakes.

Yesterday we made an amazing WILD PESTO from the wild garden plant Borage.
Borage is an easy growing wild plant that is used for fever, cough, depression, adrenal insufficiency, blood purification, preventing inflammation, to promote sweating as detoxification and a natural sedative.

Together with organic olive oil, Himalaya salt and lots of raw garlic, we mixed the Borage leaves into a delicious wild pesto.
Himalaya salt is better for kids so we love using this link salt in our meals.
Raw garlic is good as an immune boost, helps when you have a cold, purifies blood, it is is full of antioxidants and has many more health benefits.

After making a square-shaped pastry, the wild pesto was spread over the surface. Some mozzarella was spread over it before closing the pastry. After that, the square pastry was cut in stripes, twisted and put on a clay tray into the clay oven. Just a few minutes in the self-made clay oven were enough to bake the pastry crunchy and delicious.

2. Homemade Ginger beer

Ginger beer was made a week before because it takes some time to let it ferment.
You start with boiling water. After the water boils you add a large amount of graded GINGER and TURMERIC. After you let the roots sit in the hot water and turn it into a very strong tea. After the boiled water cooled down a bit, you can add honey to it and stir till its completely dissolved. Honey gets poisonous in hot water so it’s always better to wait a bit to avoid this effect. After the honey is dissolved, you pour the tea into a large container and let it sit for 14 days. After you can enjoy your delicious HOMEMADE GINGER BEER.

3. Rosemary water

Rainwater is easy to collect. Where we live, its the ONLY water source and we use water like liquid gold. In moderation and thoughtful.
Making water into a joyful beverage is easy. Fill a big jug full with water, add twigs of wild rosemary or wild lavender, chop half a lemon including the skin (organic please) and add a spoon of Xilit or honey. That’s it…another guilty free healthy beverage for all your friends.

4. Honey Chocolate cake

The healthy guilty-free chocolate cake of our dear neighbor Andrea will melt in your mouth. She told me the recipe already so often but I dare not try to do a better job than she does. Everyone has their specialty, let her have this one and delight us with doing such an amazing job.

She uses for the brownie cakes only:
carob powder, cacao powder, almond flour (50 gram of nuts grained is enough for 1 cake), honey and organic eggs from her lovely sister.
After preparing all the ingredients, she bakes the cake in the wood oven (or normal oven if you have that luxury) and lets it cool down.
After the cake cooled down, she and her sister drive up to us (we are the first neighbors in 4 km) to be greeted by our excited kids.  I always make a huge pot of the wild picked HERBAL TEA ready and we all enjoy the deliciousness of the melting sensation.

We have friends and family to share our specialties and discoveries with. Always share to enhance the joy of a party in the wild.


Fleur and the Wild Herbs

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  1. 🌸😋… to read about your wildflower recepes let my mouth water! And also Andreas chocolate cake… yummy! What a wonderfull birthdayparty in a paradise like surrounding, it is just amazing!

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